Speaker Topics

Carol is a popular speaker for professional groups, religious and civic organizations, and other interested groups on a wide variety of topics.  She is often interviewed and has written numerous articles for journals, local newspapers and magazines.

 Listed below are some of the most requested discussion topics:

  • Balancing Life, Marriage and Infertility

  • Sex and Intimacy During Infertility

  • Meditation, Yoga and Focusing the Mind

  • Psychological and Emotional Issues for Couples Using an Egg Donor, Sperm Donor, Embryo Donor or Surrogate

  • Morality, Spirituality and Impaired Fertility

  • Nurturing Your Relationships During Infertility

  • Healing Through Music and Imagery

  • Enhancing Fertility: Inner Wisdom and Resources

  • Infertility Counseling: Therapeutic Wisdom, Skills and Successful Techniques

  • Understanding and Supporting the Emotions of the Infertility Patient