Welcome To My First Post!

Welcome to my blog. After procrastinating for way too long, I  decided it’s time to start telling stories about the courageous women who are undergoing infertility treatment. We are all story tellers, and our lives are an intricately woven web of our experiences and relationships. Everyone has their own lens of how they experience, interpret, and respond to infertility treatment, and I help women view their infertility experiences through a new lens.

I have specialized in infertility counseling for over two decades, and each day I am reminded of what a privilege it is for me  to sit with women who are passionately pursuing their dream of becoming mothers. You are strong and determined women. You are on a quest to be a mother and want to stay the course. There just may be challenges along the way, and you could benefit from a counselor who really gets what you are going through and knows how to guide and support you through these difficult moments.

I have walked in your shoes, and I know first hand what you are feeling and thinking. I know you worry in the middle of the night about whether your treatment this month will result in a positive pregnancy test. I know you begin to worry when it’s time for your period to start, and you are praying you will not start bleeding. I know the silent pain and heartache you experience. I also know how to help ease your pain and offer you hope .

My blogs contain stories of hope, pain, joy, sorrow…and the range of complex emotions and relationship dynamics which manifest while you are struggling to become a mother. Infertility presents tender moments of passion, vulnerability and self exploration. These are opportunities to stretch and grow. Let me hold your hand as I tell these stories of healing and hope.

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