Imagery And Visualization To Enhance Fertility

I am a strong advocate for using imagery when you are trying to get pregnant. Imagery is so powerful and has the ability to shift your thoughts and beliefs from a negative state to a positive state within a few moments. I created and produced a CD titled  Enhancing Fertility With Music and Imagery because I  want women to know how to access internal images of their fertility. If you are interested in ordering this CD, it’s available on my website under Book and CD’s:

Try this exercise, and you will have a better understanding of  what I’m talking about. Close your eyes and take several slower and deeper breaths. Pay attention to your breathing and begin to release stress and tension as you exhale. Once you feel calmer and have cleared your mental chatter, just let an image of fertility come to mind. The image may be in the form of a color, a shape, a word, a picture, or whatever comes to mind. The image is personal and unique. It comes from within you and appears for a reason, so pay careful attention to your image.

When I was in treatment for infertility, I often used imagery to help my body feel fertile. I focused on my fertility images several times a day, and they helped me feel confident that I would become pregnant. OK, I am going to share one of my secrets that helped me stay positive and hopeful during treatment for infertility. One of my favorite images was to visualize myself as a goddess of fertility. You can laugh at me and call me weird, but I  liked thinking of myself as a goddess, and a goddess of fertility was so powerful and feminine with her beautiful pregnant belly. This goddess appeared to me as an earthy woman who emanated fertility. Every time I pictured her in my mind, I felt like a fertile woman, and this was a welcome contrast from feeling infertile during medical treatment.

I have counseled with  hundreds of women who are trying to become pregnant, and so many women feel their bodies have betrayed them. They are not feeling feminine and fertile, so we work with imagery to help enhance their fertility. Here are quotes from five women in one of my support groups who were using imagery while trying to become pregnant:

  • “I  saw myself surrounded by colorful flowers that were just starting to bloom in my garden”.

  • “I saw an image of a bright, yellow sun rising, and the beams of light were entering my uterus”.

  • “I  wrapped myself in a very soft, cozy blanket. I felt nurtured and relaxed”.

  • “I walked into a  baby’s nursery. I was looking down at a precious baby in a crib, and I knew this would be my baby one day”.

  • “I was  walking through a lush forest and was surrounded by plants and trees. I walked quietly through the forest and felt so peaceful”.

If you start using imagery to enhance  your fertility, I predict you will feel more positive and hopeful about becoming pregnant. Imagery has the ability to affect your physical body in ways that are not understood and explained. Once an image appears to you, remember to access it throughout your day.  Let it be a strength and a resource for you as you are trying to become pregnant. You may want to draw a picture of your image and look at it several,times a day. Find creative ways to remember your image and honor it. In doing so, you will be honoring yourself .


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