The Life Lessons Of Infertility

I have been on a much needed vacation this week to the mountains. I wanted go spend time alone in silence and reflection, eat healthy food, swim the lake, hike in the woods, and rest. My youngest son just graduated from high school and left home for an internship before starting college this Fall. I must say…this has not been an easy transition for me.


My mothering role has come to an abrupt halt. I no longer have to organize my days around nurturing my son and being available to spend time with him. I spent eight years trying to have my two sons, and have been an active and devoted mother for the past twenty-five years. The truth is, being a mother has brought me so much meaning and joy. I love being a mother more than any thing I can think of.


Watching my sons grow up has been such a pleasure, and I celebrate them moving into the next phase of their lives. Now I must move into the next phase of my life, and I am not quite sure what that will look like.


I have been reflecting this week on some of what I learned through infertility, and I can apply much of what I learned then to help me today. These are some of my thoughts:

  • We never know what the future holds. Wondering and worrying about a future that may never come to pass only creates anxiety.

  • Don’t dwell in the past .. It is over and done.

  • This moment is all we have. Pay attention or you will miss it.

  • Take time each day to be grateful for what you have, it makes what you don’t have much less important.

  • Do what you love to do and spend time with friends who nourish you.

  • Stay hopeful.

  • Listen to your heart.


There are many life lessons to be learned during infertility. Pay attention to how you are growing and changing during this challenging time.

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