Take A Summer Vacation From The Stress Of Your Daily Routine

There are so many benefits to taking a vacation from your daily routine. You do not have to leave town for a vacation. Plan a vacation at home. Turnoff your cell phone and computer and do not check them while on vacation.You will be surprised by how quickly you relax and de-stress when you unplug .

Make plansĀ  to pamper yourself, and only you know how you like to be pampered. Get plenty of rest and take a nap…every day. Do at least one activity a day that you enjoy- read, exercise, relax in the sun. Set aside lots of time to have fun sex and reconnect with your spouse. Eat healthy meals.

The goal is to relax, de-stress, enjoy your life. Spend at least an hour each day in silence, and use this time to clear your mind. Notice your thoughts and feelings, and watch them come and go. This is a time of “being” rather than a time of “doing”. I predict you will be revitalized and will have a different perspective on your life, and in particular, on how you manage your infertility treatment.

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