Top Recommendation For Yoga Fertility Solutions: Pay Attention

While I was taking an asana yoga class in India, the teacher stopped the class and said, “PAY ATTENTION! You are not paying attention to your practice. What is the point of doing your yoga practice if you are not focusing on what you are doing?”

 This comment still resonates with me. What is the point in doing anything if you are not fully engaged in the present moment?  Going through the motions of your daily life will only get you through the day. You miss the special moments, the special feelings that arise, and the sensations of being alive and aware.

You may be thinking you prefer not being fully aware of the emotional challenges of infertility. I’ll suggest a different perspective. All feelings come and go throughout the day, and if you are not paying close attention, you may not notice the many feelings that surface when the challenges are absent. You never feel just one way, like happy or sad, for the entire day. You can watch your feelings come and go, and it’s best to be gentle on yourself and try not to judge your feelings. Notice them, pay attention to them, and let them find their natural flow.

 When you are paying attention during your yoga practice, you will find the benefits of the yoga practice remain with you after the class ends. The reason is because the true essence of yoga is to clear the distractions and chatter of the mind. Once the mind is clear, focused, and calm, paying attention requires little to no effort. Practice paying attention to your feelings, and you will begin to experience your fertility in new ways.

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